Nicaraguan Spanish: Speak like a Native!

Think you know Spanish? Think again! The moment you land in Nicaragua you will be bombarded by local words, phrases, and sayings that will leave your head spinning. Come with us and discover what they are really saying. ¡Va pueh!


Don't settle for generic Spanish

On the images below, slide to the right to see generic Spanish. Then, slide completely to the left to reveal the local Spanish.

Start speaking like the natives


¿Entonces, chavalo?

To ask a Nicaraguan how he's doing in an informal setting, just say: ¿ENTONCES, CHAVALO? This means: Hey, how's it going? Or maybe even more like: WHASSSSUP?


¡Qué bonitas tus chapas!

For the locals, CHAPAS are earrings. And FACHENTO means stuck-up or arrogant. But it is often used jokingly, as if to say: You are showing off! or Don't we look nice today?

Local sayings

¡Dejá al cumiche!

Are you the baby of the family? If so, in Nicaragua you will be called the CUMICHE. You could also, then, be described as CHINEADO, or spoiled. Sorry to break it to you.

What they are saying

C o n n e c t   w i t h


N I C A R A G U A N   S P A N I S H   S P E A K E R S


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