¡Qué carga!

What does ¡QUÉ CARGA! mean in Costa Rican Spanish? If you can figure it out, you are smarter than you think, as we will see in these examples.

¡Qué carga! means How smart! or How capable! in Costa Rican Spanish

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A RICH person might be described as loaded. In this local adjective, the person described is loaded with talent.

Real world examples of ¡Qué carga!

Notice how ¡Qué carga! is used in the following examples.

From the Costa Rican daily La Teja:

¡Qué carga! Estudiante se puso un negocito para ayudarle a sus papás con todo lo de la graduación.

🏈 How brilliant! Student starts up small business to help parents with graduation expenses.

Also from La Teja:

¡Qué carga! Agricultora tica hará realidad su sueño de ver sus productos en Europa.

🏈 How smart! Costa Rican farmer sees her dream of selling her products in Europe come true.

The smart person produces amazing works. In this context, ¡qué carga! may describe the final product.

⚽ ¡Qué carga te quedó el video!

🏈 Your video turned out great!

Imagine that your friend Esteban has just won three soccer trophies. You might commend him with:

⚽ ¡Qué carga, Esteban!

🏈 Esteban, you´re the man!

Examples of ¡Qué carga! in reference works

From the book Costa Rican Spanish: Speak like a Native!:

⚽ Pregúntele la respuesta. Ella es bien carga en las matemáticas.

🏈 Ask her the answer. She is really smart at math.

From the Léxico Juvenil Costarricense Dictionary:

⚽ Me cayó bien tu novio. Se ve que es carga.

🏈 I really like your boyfriend. He seems very nice.

⚽ ¡Qué carga! Te vas a graduar con honores.

🏈 Wow! You are going to graduate with honors.

⚽ ¡Qué mae más carga! Es multilingüe.

🏈 What a smart dude! He speaks several languages.

So keep loading up in your expertise of Costa Rican words and sayings. Soon locals will congratulate your mastery of the language with ¡Qué carga! 😄


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