Five Panamanian Spanish Phrases for Party Animals

Want to be the life of the party? Then check out these five Panamanian Spanish party terms.

Image by Freekpik

Image by Freekpik

šŸ„³ READY for a party? Who isnā€™t? Then letā€™s get festive with five Panamanian Spanish phrases and other terms that will break the ice and have you speaking like a native.

1. Eres como culei

This literally means: You are like Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid? Yes, some years back this just-add-water drink used to be the beverage of choice at most social gatherings, thanks to its bargain basement price. So if you were like Kool-Aid, that meant that you were a social butterfly.

āš½ Ese buay es como culei. EstĆ” en esta fiesta tambiĆ©n.
šŸˆ That boy is a social butterfly. I canā€™t believe heā€™s at this party too!

Iā€™ll drink to that.

2. Eres como carne en palito

Word for word this phrase means: You are like meat on a stick. At Panamanian gatherings, typical shish kebabs are standard fare. Once again, just like Kool-Aid above, it became synonymous with the party animal.

āš½ Esa man es carne en palito.Ā No se pierde ni una.
šŸˆ That girl is a party animal. Sheā€™s at all of them.

Mmmmā€¦ Iā€™m sorry. Iā€™m suddenly feeling very hungry. Could you pass theā€¦?

3. arranque

In Spanish motor de arranque is the term for a starter, like the one in your car. But for Panamanians it is the start of something far more exciting: a party.

āš½ El gobierno se va de arranque la Ćŗltima semana de diciembre.
šŸˆ The governmentā€™s going to party the last week in December.

4. arrepinchoso

Are you the life of the party? Then, this is your word. One man tweeted:

āš½ Realmente el panameƱo es arrepinchoso. No hay lluvia que lo detenga para cualquier evento.
šŸˆ Panamanians are such party animals that not even rain can keep them from showing up at an event.ā€

5. rumbero

Locally, a party is known as a rumba. If, then,Ā you are a rumbero, youā€™re a partier.Ā One man posted:

āš½ No soy rumbero, pero la soledad me obliga.
šŸˆ Iā€™m not a partier, but loneliness compels me.

Another man wrote:

āš½ Algunas personas tienen un rumbero interior por descubrir.
šŸˆ Inside some of us thereā€™s a party animal waiting to get out.

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So live a little. Let that party animal escape once again ā€”Panamanian style. Want to learn more? Then check outĀ 20 Ways to Speak PanamanianĀ Spanish.


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