How To Say "Pig" in Guatemalan Spanish

Down on the farm: Learn five Guatemalan sayings about animals. We all love our pets. What has been their effect on Guatemalan sayings? Check it out.

Coche is the word for pig in Guatemalan Spanish

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Don’t crash your pig

🚗 IN SEVERAL Latin American countries, including Spain and Mexico, coche is the word for a car. When someone uses Guatemalan Spanish to speak with other Latins, this can lead to confusion.

If someone says: Choqué  con  un  coche  que  se  me  metió, it  could  mean either I crashed into a pig that got in my way or I crashed into a car that got in my way. So, don’t be a pig. If you are talking about cars, use the term carro..

How to say pig in Guatemalan Spanish

🐷 On the other hand, since coche  means pig, if someone is described as being coche or cochino, it means they are dirty or filthy.

Another common expression is A cada coche le llega su sábado. This literally means Every pig has his Saturday. In the past, it seems that Saturday was when a fattened pig would be taken to the slaughterhouse. For the poor pig, Saturday meant death. For this reason, today when someone gets his just desserts for misconduct, this saying enters into play.

When two policemen ran off the road and pinned a married couple against a wall, injuring them, one blogger wrote:

⚽ La gente no habrá querido denunciarlos por miedo a venganzas …pero cada coche se le llega su sábado. Ahora les tocó a estos imbéciles.
🏈 People would not have wanted to report them for fear of retaliation. But everyone will have his day of reckoning. Now for these idiots their time has come.

The use of coche in the Twitterverse:

⚽ Me comí toda la pizza y el pastel. Sé que soy coche, pero en mi defensa estoy de goma, necesitaba comida grasienta.
🏈 I ate all the pizza and cake. I know, I’m a real pig, but in my defense I have a hangover, and I needed some greasy food.

⚽ He almorzado cual coche. ¡Ni respiro de lo atascado que estoy!
🏈 At lunch I ate like a pig, I can´t even breathe, I have so much food stuck in me.

Mmmm…I guess you might want to think about eating that last pork chop.


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